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Rest in Peace {EE}Mike in Boston. We love you and you will never be forgotten.

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 Want to join the Evil Empire?

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PostSubject: Want to join the Evil Empire?   August 26th 2007, 16:42

The following is provided as information for joining the Evil Empire. The reason for these requirements is to see how committed you are about joining the clan. We don't want "here today, gone tomorrow" members.

We want dedicated, fun-loving and mature members. Our clan believes in a censorship free atmosphere. If you are easily offended and expect a politically correct environment, then we are not the clan for you.
The Evil Empire is clan of friendships and good times mixed in with competitive gameplay. We respect each other at all times, even during disagreements. Our members enjoy the freedom to be who they are, to express themselves without censorship, and the chance to learn and improve their gameplay skills through training and practice.

If you are still interested, you will first need to formally apply. Doing so requires the following:

Post in the forum application section:
- Game/Steam name
- Age
- HL2DM and other gaming experience
- Why you would like to join or who recruited you
- Which game(s) are you most interested in playing for EE
- A statement that you have read and fully understand all of the application guidelines

Upon applying for EE you will immediatly be placed in one of 3 applicant categories.

*****Cat1 applicant: You are a well known active member of the hl2dm community, and a long time friend to the EE clan. In addition to this you are in good standing with both. After a discussion by the BoD, Cat1 applicants may be given acceptance into EE without going through the application process of Cat 2 and 3 applicants.

*****Cat2 applicant: You are an active player of hl2dm and known by a few members of EE. Your application process will have a mandatory 1-2 month waiting period. During this time we will be looking at the follow criteria:

1. Your personality: hang out on our servers and post in these forums to get to know us. Use the same in-game name so that we can become familiar with you. The more you communicate with us, the more we'll get to know each other. This will increase your chances of being accepted into the clan and possibly shorten your app. period.

2. Your level of skill and/or your potential.

3. Amount of playing activity on and off of EE servers.

4. Dedication to the clan and your tryout.

5. Respectfulness to the clan members and community in general. This also means that during the application process, you must have a clean slate of issues on the EE servers/forum, as well as other servers and forums.

During your application process the BoD may also do a "background check" on you. We will talk to ppl about how you are. EE members know A LOT of ppl in the community, and we will be researching you.

After your 1-2 month(s) waiting period is up, you need to get a yes vote by at least 5 of the 7 BoD members. (majority +1 vote)

*****Cat3 applicant: you are not known by any EE members or most of the hl2dm community and/or have a extensive history of clan hopping (been in more than 2 clans in the last year) or more then 3 in your career. You will go through the same application process as a Cat2 applicant, BUT in addition to those steps your waiting period will be ATLEAST 3 months, maybe longer. You will also need to have proven to us you have changed your ways and really want to be part of EE.

After your 3 months is up, you will need to be voted in by ALL members of the BoD. AND be in good standing with ALL other members of the clan.


1. We do not allow duel memberships. If you are currently in a clan and looking to join EE you must first leave your current clan. You are permitted to create or join teams for competitive play in CAL, Warzone, etc., so long as EE remains your home clan and you remain an active member.

2. While playing in our servers:
- Treat other players with respect
- If you're good, we'll know it, you don't need to tell everybody.
- Keep the whining to a minimum.

3. You may be asked to have a 1v1 with an admin. You don't necessarily have to beat the admin, we just want to see what skill level you are at, or what kind of potential you have. This gives the admins a chance to get to know you a little better.

4. The BoD members are the group that manages the day-to-day activies of the clan, BUT we are really tightknit, close family. All members of the family have say in what goes on, and if they see you breaking the application rules they will let us know.
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Want to join the Evil Empire?
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