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 General Rules for playing on public {EE} servers

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PostSubject: General Rules for playing on public {EE} servers   August 27th 2007, 21:13

These are rules that apply to all players on Evil Empire servers.

1. No cheating.

2. No complaining - no whining about maps, weapons being used, how many times someone has killed you, etc, etc. Suck it up and play or find the door.

3. No spawn killing - the team server uses chat/spawn protection, however:
    A. No sitting and waiting on someone to come out of spawn/chat protection so you can kill them.
    B. No shooting someone in the back who was honorable enough to let you spawn/type in peace.
    C. No mining of spawn/teleport points.

4. No killing people facing walls - even if chat protection wasn't working that's no reason to gun down a player that's typing.

5. No running over to face a wall in the middle of a fight. If you have to type something wait until it's clear to do so.

6. Respect other players - even the n00bs. Remember that at some point you were a n00b too.

7. No sitting AFK on team servers - this screws up the teams. Anyone sitting AFK for more than a few minutes will be kicked from the server to keep the teams balanced.

8. No microphone spamming - this means getting on the mic and screaming or playing music to annoy people.

9. Listen to the admins - if your attitude or actions are considered to be out of line, you'll be warned first and if you continue your actions you'll be kicked/banned from the server.

Any violation of the above rules are grounds to be kicked/banned from all of Evil Empire's servers.
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General Rules for playing on public {EE} servers
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