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Rest in Peace {EE}Mike in Boston. We love you and you will never be forgotten.

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 New maps: dm_mexicana and dm_mexicana_norpg

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[DKM!] Pseudonym
First Blood

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PostSubject: New maps: dm_mexicana and dm_mexicana_norpg   January 22nd 2011, 23:16

This is my first time posting here, but I have been mapping for about 2 years. and active in hl2dm for longer than that.

dm_mexicana and dm_mexicana_norpg
(download links at the bottom of the post)

[DKM!] Pseudonym`

Style and features:
* A mexican village high up in the mountains.

* Original design, a completely new map with a new layout.

* Climb and jump to explore rooftop areas and dominate the rooftops, battle in the streets and alleys and inside walled courtyards. Buildings you can enter and travel through to help you get around the map.

* Many custom textures, sounds and models to give the map a unique feel.
Including a new high resolution explosive barrel skin, custom bicycle and new trees.

* Jump up to reach the supercharger or search for the elusive rpg hidden up high (_norpg version has a good weapon stash instead)

* Suitable for any number of players. Ranging from 1 vs 1 upwards.

* If you are good at jumping you can take advantage of this platforms and roofs to move around the map easier.


Download dm_mexicana here:
[DKM!] Clan website: http://www.hl2dkm.co.uk/hl2mp/maps/dm_mexicana.bsp.bz2
Pseudonym`s website: http://hl2dkm.co.uk/pseudonym/maps/dm_mexicana.zip

Download dm_mexicana_norpg here:
Pseudonym`s website: http://hl2dkm.co.uk/pseudonym/maps/dm_mexicana_norpg.zip

This took about 2 months to make and has been playtested alot so far by players of various skill levels.

It is now ready for use on public servers.

I hope you enjoy Smile
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PostSubject: Re: New maps: dm_mexicana and dm_mexicana_norpg   January 23rd 2011, 10:37

wow, nice map man. thanks for posting!!

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PostSubject: Re: New maps: dm_mexicana and dm_mexicana_norpg   January 25th 2011, 12:14

Whatever happened to Chems Castle?
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PostSubject: Re: New maps: dm_mexicana and dm_mexicana_norpg   

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New maps: dm_mexicana and dm_mexicana_norpg
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