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 Dead Island

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PostSubject: Dead Island   October 15th 2012, 23:45

Been playing a bunch of Dead Island the last two weeks. Fun (and challenging) game! Honestly, it kind of has the feel of "Skyrim Zombies". A long main quest line with a load of side quests, mostly fetching shit. Like I said, Skyrim Zombies lol. Pretty much an open world, with areas that you unlock as you progress through the game. What's neat is that the areas have there own (and very different) feel. The first area is a sunny beach resort, the second is a gloomy city and the third is jungle. The city has the most atmosphere and will keep you on your toes. Anytime you step out of a safe house, you risk not coming back! The place is absolutely over-run with baddies. Whereas at the resort, quite often you can outrun the dead, not so in the city. Too many, by the time you outrun the first horde you've also dodged a second and can see the third. By then, your out of running stamina and in deep doo-doo. You've got to think about a route and use the correct weapons and tactics. In the city, you also have very little access to a vehicle and when you do, the streets are so full of quarantine blockades and burnt out cars that it's rare to really get very far without a huge effort. At the resort and in the jungle, you can soften up or totally squash the baddies using your truck carmageddon style! In the city, you are on foot. Better have a backpack full of molotov cocktails, because you're going to need em'!!

I bought this game used when I picked up Rage. Glad that this game paid off, because Rage was a waste of money.

I'd rate Dead Island as an 8.5 whereas Rage would score a fucking 6 at best. I've heard that an addition or possibly an entire new game of Dead Island is on the way. I'll buy it for sure.
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Dead Island
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